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Exclusive fragrances

THE SOAPPHARMACY offers innovative, natural products in two exclusive fragrances.
For those who are allergic or are less tolerant to perfume, we also offer a compact perfume-free collection.

We have named our fragrances with numbers. The numbers refer to specific countries, but that link is with a wink:-). We prefer to leave the fragrance experience and reference up to you.

To get an impression of the fragrances, you can view the scent profiles, but we hope that you will experience the scents themselves. For more information about the scent profile, please see scent profiles.


Natural ingredients, Dutch quality and design

THE SOAPPHARMACY combines the power of nature and the qualities of mankind in a unique range of hair and body care products.

  • Formulas with a very high percentage (up 99.6 %)
  • Great results and suitable for all hair and skin types
  • All products are available in 2 unique fragrances and we also offer a perfume-free collection
  • Stylish packaging

None of the products are not tested on animals and the packaging is recyclable.